ProfiTrace Training


Course duration: 1 day


This free training is fully concentrated on ProfiTrace 2. The main goal is to master the ProfiTrace platform to be able to quickly identify what is a good and what is a bad network?


In a full day the participants will learn how to use ProfiTrace in order to analyse, localise and solve PROFIBUS faults. With a hands-on approach the participants will put theory into practice.


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Course Outline


Theory subjects:

- Structure of the ProfiTrace software

- Structure of the ProfiCore Ultra and PA Probe hardware

- Contents of the Troubleshooting Toolkits

- Software installation procedure and upgrades

- License structure

- Connecting the ProfiCore to a DP and PA network

- Live List (colours, ID numbers, names)

- The definition of statistics (retries, syncs, lost, etc.)

- Measurement principle of the Bar graph and the Topology scan

- DP and PA oscilloscope (termination problems, short circuits, noise, AC/DC)

- Network manager


Practical exercises:

- Installing the software

- Installing a license

- Installing GSD files

- Live List

- Statistics


Message recording

- Recording messages

- Triggering, capturing and filtering

- Saving and exchanging files


Signal analysis

- Oscilloscope and Bar graph

- Generating reports



- Generating the network topology (passive- and running installation)

- I/O and device testing with ProfiCaptain (passive- and running installation)



We limit training groups to a maximum of 8 people. Training will only take place if more than 4 people have booked.



The Johannesburg based course will be run from the IDX offices in Fourways.