PROFINET diagnostics & engineering  tool



Netilities is a windows based software designed to assist with the real time analysis, troubleshooting and configuration of PROFINET based Industrial Networks.



Running on your laption, Netilities interfaces directly with your PROFINET network through either the onboard Ethernet port, WLAN.

You can also TAP into the network with the ProfiTap.


Live List

Easy to interpret display, shows all available devices

on the network that are currently in data exchange.

The live list also displays network alarms present


Netilities provides the user with various bus 

statistics to help you analyse the health of the

network. These include: Cycle time,  IO, Alarms,

data size, corrupted telegrams.


Netilities bar graph provides an 'easy to interpret' 

platform displaying fluctuating IO cycle times on

your PROFINET network

SNMP Toolbox

Netilities has the ability to act as an SNMP manager.

The user can interegate SNMP information directly

from IO devices and controllers on the network.



Other features include: ability to change PROFINET device names and IP address, Flash LED, return devices to factory defaults.




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