IDX Data Historian


Powerful data logging and visualisation with effective tag management modules


Log and exchange data with any of the below technologies:

TCP/IP Client | TCP/IP Server | SQL Server | Ethernet/IP Adapter | MODBUS IP Master | MODBUS IP Slave | MODBUS Serial Master | MODBUS Serial Slave | PROFIBUS Master | PROFIBUS Slave | StarNET ESP Controller | StarNET ESP Tributary | StarNET HDLC Master | StarNet HDLC Slave | OPC DA Client | OPC DA Server | MQTT Subscriber | MQTT Publisher | AMQP

IDX has a well-developed and established Data Historian that bridges the gap between low-cost simple file logging and powerful scalable enterprise-class Historians.


The IDX8 Historian is a module that is part of the growing IDX8 portfolio, a framework for plant data integration and performance monitoring. Supporting several data compression algorithms that handle offline data buffering and can scale from a few to many thousand tags per second.

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