Custom / Legacy Integration


Finding your systems not seamlessly integrated? Let IDX close the gap with a custom/legacy integration solution that meets your exact needs. 


IDX has been solving integration challenges for its clients, across different industries, since inception in 2002.  We have extensive experience integrating with legacy systems, data historians, SCADA / DCS, LIMS, Weighbridge & Metal Account systems as well as custom applications such as SeamView. 


IDX has integrated multiple systems over the years, namely:


  • LIMS Systems (e.g. RoboLab, LabWare)

  • Weighbridge Systems

  • Metal Accounting Systems

  • Legacy Systems (e.g. StarNet HDLC / ESP & ifm VSE)

  • Custom Applications (e.g. SeamView Integration to LIMS)

  • PGMs Analyser Integration

  • Power Meters

  • Excel Reports to Data Historians (e.g. OSIsoft PI, WonderWare inSQL)

Need a custom integration solution that works for you?

We can pretty much integrate into anything! Leave your details with us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible, or contact us directly!

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