IDX Nexus

The IDX Nexus is a family of modular hardware and software components that allow flexible data monitoring and control solutions to be-applied to machines in extremely harsh environments. When used in combination with the IDX Suite, fleet management and other real-time optimization strategies for distributed assets can be cost-effectively realized.

You might not realise it yet, but you could be sitting on goldmine of un-harvested data contained within your equipment. Whether that piece of equipment is a dozer, genset or scale you can now unleash the hidden potential of being able to monitor, control and optimise your assets.

The new IDX Nexus addresses the challenge of harvesting data that is tucked away in disparate systems or behind some little-understood communications protocols. Let us take the case of trying to understand what is going on with the heavy mobile machinery (dozers, cranes, etc.) on your site. The parameters that might be of interest to you may include warnings such as oil temperature and pressure, running hours and rpm so that it can be understood when specific vehicle needs to come in for maintenance say, part needs to be ordered or if it is being misused.  



Feature Summary

  • Processor

400MHz 32-bit ARM9

  • System Platform

.Net Micro Framework (C# code base

  • Physical Interface

Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi & 3G(modules), SSL, Slotsx6, GPIOx4, 12C, SPI, USBx2, Canx2 slots

  • Native LCD Controller


  • Memory Cards

Yes (microSD + USB)

  • Power Consumption and Supply

15W (max dependant on peripherals), 9-36V DC (Isolated Power Supply)

  • Dimensions

125x165x55mm (WxDxH)

  • Real time clock & In-Field Update


  • Operating Temperature

-40DegC to +85DegC

  • Mounting

DIN rail/Bracket Mountable