Remote Access

Remotely configure, debug or program PLCs, machines or other devices quickly and easily with Netbiter Remote Access

Reduce travel time and operation expenses by accessing your automation devices remotely. Netbiter Remote Access is an easy-to-use function within the Netbiter Remote Management solution which opens up a secure tunnel to any industrial machine or device. This enables configuration, programming or debugging from any location.

Get up and running in less than 10 minutes! Once you have connected a Netbiter gateway to your device, you will be able set up Remote Access in a matter of minutes. This vendor-independent solution is ideal for system integrators and machine builders who require immediate access to field equipment in order to minimize equipment downtime and reduce on-site maintenance and travel costs.

Netbiter EC350 gateway Included feature of the Netbiter EasyConnect EC300-series gateways Remote Access is an included feature of the Netbiter EasyConnect EC300-series communication gateways. It is free-of-charge for data limits upto 1GB per month and is set up through the "cloud-based" Netbiter Argos™ data center, maintained and hosted by HMS.

Features and Benifits of Remote Access

  • Fast, secure and easy-to-use "cloud-based" solution for system integrators and machine builders to remotely access industrial equipment anytime, anywhere.
  • Enables remote programming or debugging of industrial PLCs using standard configuration software (such as RSlogix, TIA Portal, GX Developer etc), just as if connected to the PLC/machine on site.
  • Access to equipment 24/7 using any of the Netbiter EC300-series communication gateways and the cloud-based Netbiter Argos™ data center.
  • Machine / PLC connectivity via Serial RS232/485, Ethernet WAN or LAN
  • Data communication between the connected devices and the Netbiter Argos data center via Ethernet or cellular 3G networks.
  • Creates an encrypted data tunnel to the remote equipment. Netbiter uses a unique 2-step identification method for login access to your devices.
  • Decreases travel costs and minimizes machine/plant downtime.
  • Uses Netbiter Argos as an intelligent routing portal. This means that you don't need an IP-address for the Netbiter gateway, nor do you need a fixed IP SIM card.
  • Included feature when purchasing a Netbiter EC300 series communication gateway. Free of charge for data usage up to 1GB per month. Subscription-based for higher data usage.
  • Vendor independent with fast deployment. Scalable solution, more functionality can be added if needed.

What you can do? PLC Programming, configuration, debugging and software upgrades

HMS is continually verifying the remote access feature with different PLC types from all manufacturers. Remote Access is vendor independent and enables machine builders to deliver to any market irrespective of the PLC brand used. View the list of verified devices >>


Use Cases

Use case: Rockwell devices
Use case: Siemens devices