IDX StarNet Gateway

The IDX StarNet Gateway is a specialist protocol gateway that allows for the interconnection of existing legacy StarNET devices such as the GEM80 controller series, with devices that use today's popular data interfaces. This facilitates the migration of legacy automation systems to modern, efficient equipment without replacing existing StarNET controllers. A common application involves using the Gateway to facilitate the phased replacement of GD4000 drive controllers with modern PROFIBUS units. The gateway is in use by multiple customers around the world, including Columbus Stainless Steel, Bluescope Steel and US Steel, to meet their legacy integration and migration needs.


How does it work?


The IDX StarNet Gateway is a rugged, industrial-grade embedded device that is designed for in-the-field operation, and contains no mechanical, or moving parts. It interfaces to both StarNET HDLC as well as ESP networks and is able to provide gateway interfaces in the following, off-the-shelf configurations :

  • PROFIBUS DP Master
  • MODBUS TCP Master
  • MODBUS TCP Slave
  • MODBUS RTU Master
  • MODBUS RTU Slave
  • Other interfaces are possible on request

The device is able to impersonate one or more StarNET slave devices or the controller, allowing for flexible upgrade scenarios where whole controllers or multiple legacy StarNET devices are to be replaced using a single gateway.

The gateway is also able to accommodate custom interface hardware that are available as either a standard length PCI, PCI Express x1, or USB interface. This means the device can be extended to custom applications and requirements.  

Feature Summary

  • StarNet HDLC interfaces

2/4 non-isolated RS-422 HDLC interfaces.(48/180Kbps, NRZI, FM0, FM1 encoding)

  • StarNet ESP interfaces

1 x non-isolated RS-232/422/484 ESP interface(110-9600bps), 3 x non-isolated RS-232 ESP interfaces (110-9600bps)

  • StarNet operating modes

HDLC Primary/Secondary (multi-dropable exchange mode/broadcast w/response mode), ESP Controller or Tributary (J/K table exchange mode)

  • StarNet data limits

HDLC, ESP : Maximum of 111 words for any send or receive operation.

  • Supported Interfaces

MODBUS TCP Master/Slave, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave, PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave, other interfaces/protocols available on request.

  • Data loopback latency

Average 40ms with 64 words input and output through HDLC secondary/PROFIBUS Master/Slave

  • Number of impersonated StarNet slaves


  • PROFIBUS Slave data

244 bytes input/244 bytes output/328 bytes combined IO

  • PROFIBUS Mater data

512 bytes input/512 bytes output

  • Supported Slave Failure Reporting

Additional Diagnostic Data Provided in Status Tags

  • Dimensions

158x248x185mm (WxDxH)

  • Power requirements

10-30V DC, min 2A @ 24V recommended

  • Operating Temperature

0-50DegC ambient