Introducing the Netbiter EC350

The Netbiter EC350 is the first in a new generation of Netbiter gateways. It connects to industrial machinery via Modbus (serial), Ethernet, SNMP, (EtherNet/IP, coming 2014) or I/O and sends data to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos™ data center via Ethernet or cellular communications. While previous generations of Netbiter gateways have been able to communicate via GSM/GPRS, the new Netbiter EC350 is enhanced to also communicate over 3G networks.

Netbiter EasyConnect

The Netbiter EasyConnect™ EC250, EC220 and EC150 are small robust, remote communication gateways designed to get your industrial equipment and installations online fast! The gateways are designed for industrial applications and are available with GSM/GPRS wireless access or Ethernet communication.

Automatic integration with the Netbiter Argos data center ensures easy web based management of all your remote sites.

Netbiter WebScada

The Netbiter® WS100 and WS200 is a series of communication gateways that gives full access to remote devices in a flexible and user friendly way. The gateways contain on board web pages to remotely monitor and control devices connected to an Ethernet LAN.

The gateways also contain built-in features for alarm handling, data logging and configurable web pages for monitoring and control data from remote devices. 

Netbiter Accesories

Netbiter offers a whole host of compatible devices to complete your solution, such as: Ultrasonic fuel sensors, DC/AC Power meters and a whole hoast of IO extender cards