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Accon S7 Easylog  
The ACCON-S7-EasyLog is a software which is easy to operate and therefore perfectly suited to quickly and simply read out data from the PLC and save the data. This is possible either time-controlled or process-controlled. Our long seller is constantly enhanced according to market requirements and is also available as a special customisation for a reasonable price if required.
Accon Aglink  
ACCON-AGLink is a program library for a data connection between PC and PLC in manually created programs. This versatile software equipped with comfort functions is in constant development.
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ACCON-TeleService IE
ACCON-TeleService IE provides optimal access for your S7-300/400 PCs via the internet for remote maintanence, without making changes to your S7 project. This allows a transparent exchange of the IP address.
S7 / S5 OPC Server  
The S7/S5-OPC-Server provides the process data of a Siemens PLC via the standardised OPC interface. Therefore every standard-compliant OPC client can read and write values from such a PLC.
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ACCONtrol S7-Win32

Allows for perfect integration into a Siemens environment. ACCONtrol S7-Win32 simulates a S7-PLC system on the PC.

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An easy to use and secure software designed to back up and restore S7 programs.

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The ACCON-NCK-Explorer is a user friendly software designed to transfer files between the NCK and the PC, utilising two explorer windows you can transfer files singly, as a directory or completely in both directions. This also allows for a backup of the NCK files if required.

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Only available in German currently.

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